We’ve seen and heard a lot about iPhone 8, but nothing is really confirmed. The renders, specifications, features and even the price of the upcoming iPhones this year are based on information leaked by sources, and little do we know about their authenticity. But there have been some reliable sources giving intel on what to expect from this year’s Apple flagships.

In the latest development on iPhone 8, a post published by iDrop News not only reveals some of the main changes coming in the 2017 edition iPhone, it also gives away how the handset might actually look. The iPhone 8 renders shared by the publication is supposed to be a final-stage prototype of the iPhone Edition, which is claimed to be the official name at launch.

If true, it clears the air around the confusion between the iPhone 8 names, which has been called iPhone Pro, iPhone 7s, iPhone X and simply iPhone. So let’s take into consideration that iPhone Edition is going to be this year’s Apple flagship, and move on to solve other mysteries.

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iDrop News seems to have great deal of faith in the information it has obtained from a “source with intimate knowledge of Apple’s manufacturing facility.” Based on that, visualisations were developed, which the source said were identical to the real iPhone Edition.

Apple has impressed its fans and every mobile user with its classy and unique design year after year. Even though some models had minimal changes, they stood out in the crowd, earning Apple the respect it yearns. But the latest renders of the iPhone Edition seem clumsy and amateur. Of course, the final design will vary, which we hope to impress us, but until then this is the closest we can get to the future iPhone’s design.

There’s a lot of hope on Apple this year as it marks the tenth year anniversary for iPhone. A lot of known analysts have predicted big things in store, some of which are backed by the latest report. The iPhone Edition is expected to have a dual lens camera at the back as well as in the front, 2.5D curved OLED display, slimmer bezels on top and bottom and no physical home button.

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While these features align with earlier reports, there are some changes that are new in this report. Starting with the design, the iPhone Edition is expected to have a metal back for durability instead of glass, horizontal lens setup for the dual camera at the back, rear-facing fingerprint scanner and no integrated Touch ID within the display.

The front view of the iPhone Edition looks a lot like Samsung Galaxy S8, while the rear panel doesn’t really spell out Apple with its fingerprint scanner and oddly-placed cameras. If the iPhone 8 is indeed going to look like this, it’s better to go with the Galaxy S8, which has more or less a similar design with top-notch features.


Source: ibtimes