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Isn’t all her posts so empowering for all the women out there ?


Supermodel and Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Diandra Soares is once again in the news.  Always being known for her bald look on the ramp or bold statuses, this time Diandra has amazed us.

She was last seen in web series ‘Aisha’. Even throughout her stay in the Bigg Boss house the lady was known for her kick ass attitude and from carrying numerous tattoos, to shaving her head, Diandra is bold and fearless.

Diandra’s latest and bold photo shoot with TV actor Kushal Punjabi is grabbing the all limelight. We have to say that she looks fantastic while flaunting her curves. While posting the picture, Diandra talked about body shaming. She wrote “Ladies, real dangerous curves. Love your curves, flaunt em’ be proud of your changing body …. a woman’s body has the power to give life so treat it with respect !!!! Stop body SHAMING yourself first… love your body n it will love you back #BodyPositive Pic; Jitu Savlani MUH; Rishab Khanna assisted by Cash Kandera Styling; 2Di4 (moi) And last but not the least the very talented actor/model/dancer/ biker … the list is endless … and most amazing friend Kushal Punjabi you rock my world and this shoot … was a pleasure working with you ?”

To all the very well educated so called male "friends" who after my 12year relationship ended…. who showed me their love, concern , advice , pearls of wisdom and said "LOOK DI , YOUR EX BOYFRIEND IS 11YEARS OLDER TO YOU BUT HE IS STILL A MAN, AND WILL ALWAYS BE A ROCKSTAR DJ ETC. AND HAVE YOUNGER WOMEN FALL OVER HIM ….. BUT YOU DI, ARE 34 YEARS OLD , YOU MUST FIND A NICE RICH WELL TO DO MAN NOW… AND "SETTLE DOWN" HAVE A FEW BABIES …. IT IS TIME. HOW FAR WILL YOU GO ANYWAY IN THIS CAREER NOW AT THIS AGE.!!!" to you lovely men I would like to say "FUCK YOU" you seem to have "SETTLED DOWN" so nicely with your wife n kids n yet are here commenting about my tits n ass. Thank you for your worldly advice…. and thank God I had half a brain to move away from you extremely well educated settled down friends …… I am still here …… and still a goddamn "ROCKSTAR" coz being one has nothing to do with age or male / female …… either you just are or like you out there ….. Di trying ? Pic: Jitu Savlani Muh; Rishab Khanna assisted by Cash Kandera styling ; 2Di4 by Diandra Soares Special thanks to Sushant Divgikar for letting me steal this outfit …. ?

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